TTR-230 Questions

I have a 2005 TTR-230 and am looking to upgrade to a YZ250F. I was wondering how much I could get for a TTR-230 or just to trade it in. I was also wondering how to make a 230 more powerful. I realize that it would take more than just an aftermarket exhaust.

you would be better off selling the bike, i seriously doubt you would get much for it at a dealership. if you want the power of a 250 it would take alot of money to get that bike anywhere near a 250. if you wanted too though you could open up the air box, new pipe and im sure you could bore out the cylinder or maybe a cam upgrade not too sure if there is that kind of aftermarket backing for this bike though. you cant go wrong with a yz250f though they are rock solid, powerful ,and with regular maintenance very reliable:ride:

I don't think you're going to get much of your money back for a used TT-R. They are pretty cheap to buy new. I definitely would try to sell it outright before I tried to trade it in.

Personally, I wouldn't spend any money doing any kind of "upgrades" (like suspension, big bore kits) on a TT-R unless something was wrong with the stock parts and I had to replace them anyway. Just use the TT-R for what it was built for. If you want a race bike, buy one. That said, here's a place that advertises big bore kits, exhaust systems, head work, etc. for the TT-R.

Sell it outright. Keep it as stock as possible; more than likely the new owner would be looking for a reliable stock family or beginner/learner bike.

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