KX 100 questions

My 13 yo son rides a 97 KX100 which is in decent shape for its age, but I'm thinking about upgrading to a newer model. Is the engine/suspension alot better on the 2010 KX 100? He rides some trails, but has been riding more and more motocross tracks lately. Also, what about the KTM 105? Is it that much better a bike? I'm not interested in the Honda CRF 150; would like to stick with a two stroke.

The suspension is better, not much though, how much does he weigh? The ktm 105sx is going to be more of a top end bike than the 100. And parts are going to be a little more expensive, except top ends that are normal. There both great bikes but ktm puts more money in their 2 strokes. The new kawasaki is going to be the same (not sure how long back) But check both bikes and see which is going to be more adapting, comfortable. Or just keep the 100 and get a 125 in a year or 2

He's 5'1", 108 lbs.

If you can, get him to ride a KTM 85 or 105. KTM is an awesome bike and is race ready, has an awesome suspension and really doesn't need anything for his size/weight.

BUT... they are more $$$ from the start. BUT...They already have Vforce reeds, Performance pipe, etc.

The thing is about KTM is either you like it or you don't. They have their own feel. Personally I would rather buy a kawi and work it up. parts are cheaper, more aftermarket parts to choose from and more power once it has a few mods. My sons 100, piped and reeds ran awesome. Then we stroked it, he loved even more. then we took it to 112...THAT was a mistake. Big $$$ and abusive on parts.

BTW, if you do opt for the KX, get the 428 chain/sprocket conversion.

Where you at and what tracks in Ky? We hit quite a few in central as well as Podium1. I work on both the KXs and KTMs alot.

Well your 1st problem will be is that 2009 is the last year they made a kx100..and as far as i know will not be making them in the future. My son has 2009 kx100. /great bikes with smooth power..His kx85 has a lot more hit then that 100 but the 100 has more overall power.

Well your 1st problem will be is that 2009 is the last year they made a kx100..
And it's the same bike as a 2002 KX100...and a 2003-2005 RM100 for that matter.

thats not entirly true.....but the parts are interchangable... I hear after 2006 the motors are better.Cant confirm that thou

Sappers: we live near Henderson and ride Echo Valley, Little Sturgis, & 800 MX.

spin05: Kawasaki's website shows the 2010 KX 100; available in green or Monster Energy black. I called a local dealership (Evansville, IN) and a salesman informed me that Kawasaki is still making the KX 100.

Yes, there is a 2010 model, just nothing new since 06. The 06 and newer used a different crank utilizing a reverese thread nut on the primary gear, a slight change in the ports, bigger exhaust port and better designed head.

We may see you at 800. Planning to make a race or 2 there this year. Look for 2 Kx's, 125 and 250, #113.

I just went thru buying a kx100 so I can maybe shed some light...

Actually, they DID stop production on the kx100 for 2010 (so 2009 is the last year currently available) - because there was a glut of 2009s still available - something to do with the economy LOL. They aren't making a 2010 - but MAY start production up again for 2011. If you look at the Kawasaki website, it does say 2009 kx100 at the top of the page for that bike.

I just purchased a new 2009 - they still have 2009s available in Kawasaki's warehouse in Cali so if a dealer doesn't have one in stock they can order a 2009 directly from Kawasaki.

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