2006 CRF80F...squeaks, creaks, and moans!

So I have a CRF80F from '07, got it new July '06 and rode it a lot, and it is all stock. But now it's time to sell.

I washed it, rode it, washed it more, rode it more. Didn't ride TOO hard the first day, just around the yard. Bottomed out the suspension 2-3 times (I'm 115). I put it away that night (left it at my uncle's house to sell). Came over (next day) Easter at about 1:30. Got into the garage. As I took my helmet off the bike and put it on my uncle's 450, I picked the bike up...and it groaned, like there was extreme stress on the frame. I started to wash it, figuring it was a dirty rear shock but nothing. I rolled it out by the road with a big FOR SALE sign on it. It still squeaked. I left it. It squeaked when I sat on or moved it.

Later, I figured I could just ride the squeak out. I rode it soft, then pinned-in-5th-jumps-with-hard-landings, then little wheelies, then more jumping, washed it, went through mud, and jumped some more, then rode trails. The squeak did not get more or less. It is definantly coming from the rear shock or linkage (yes the CRF80 has linkage, now it's time for KTM to get with the program:lol:)


I will try to get a video on YouTube then I'll give everyone the link for some help.


You could grease up the swingarm and linkage. Also check if the spring is rubbing on something.

ok, it's at my uncles house so I'll have to do it this weekend.

i got an 80 that does the same thing , i can't tell if its the shock or linkage , or swingarm bearings? squeaks when you bounce up and down on the seat , drives me nuts when i ride it

How big is your uncle? lol

Not sure but his KTM 250EXC-F (or whatever it's called) thumper hauls him around pretty good.

He doesn't even ride my 80, because he is into not breaking other peoples shit.

Was fine one day, screwed up the next.

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