91 xr250l carb question

My pumper carb is missing the baffle. Do I need it?

It should be on there. Its a slosh baffle for the main jet. When you ride rough terrain it helps keep the fuel settled around the jet.

It is not needed to run the bike though.

How long have you been missing it? You may not even notice.

Just got the bike. Ran good when I bought it. Got it home ran good for about a mile, then it backfired on deceleration and wouldn't idle. Also became difficult to start. Spark plug was white. Took carb off and found that the pilot air/fuel needle screw was gone. Also noticed no baffle inside. Made my own fuel screw from an old kawasaki quad carb kit. Now it runs good. Waiting for the OEM needle because I can't get it to idle properly. I had to sand the tip of the needle and tighten it hard to plug up the tiny hole so there is no adjustment. Bike bandit's part's breakdown of this carb has the baffle but no number to purchase it, so I didn't order it. Hope I don't need it cause I don't want to take off the carb a 3rd time.

Well I hate to tell you this but one of the main things you need to do to keep your XR happy is clean the carb on a regular basis. So I would get a method down for popping the carb off. How do you get it out now ?

Bike bandit's part's breakdown of this carb has the baffle but no number to purchase it, so I didn't order it.
The paper Parts Catalog does not show a part number either. The '91-'96 XR250L Service Manual shows the part on page 5-4 and 5-5: (17) Baffle plate. You could try to use the similar if not identical part from the '86-'95 XR250R carb. The pictures of the L and R parts look identical.

Holder, Jet _ 16168-382-014 _ $5.18 from ServiceHonda.com

I wouldn't worry about the baffle, I rarely keep them on any machine. I have yet to notice any difference. As far as regular cleanings what kind of fuel are they serving in NY? I can go years without needing a cleaning.

10% ethanol.

Ethanol cleans, we have it hear too. On my race builds I use 85%. Something is up if you're doing regular cleanings.

I was able to put the carb on much easier by removing the plastic tank on the air box boot. Then I lift up and compress the boot a little and the carb goes on easy. I didn't want to touch the intake side and risk causing an air leak at the head. I would have removed the holders for the choke and throttle cables to get it out of the bike easier, but the screws are extremely tight. So I removed carb on left side of bike, even though the shop manual tells you the right side, by coming out bowl first.

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