Finally got to ride again

After the last few months of not being able to ride or do much of anything , the best the Dr's could figure out was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome brought on by Fibromyalgia and Rhumitoid Arthitis * it sucks getting old *:thumbsup: , anyway , its been a crappy few months and i am finally starting to feel better , not great , but better , at least enough to try to ride , but this was my first ride since early Feb , and on top of being out of shape , i got a pinch flat(the first time i have ever gotten one) we were a little more than 10 miles from the truck , it was in the late afternoon , but it still cut short our riding , most likely wont ride for another 2 weeks but hopefully by then i will have some more strength and be able to ride a little better and a little longer , all told we only rode 38 miles , 10 of which were on a flat rear , so that part sucked , the bike was all over the place on the way back , but thankfully it did not damage the tire , just the tube (little triangle missing from the side of the tube , i usually only run 8lbs and hitting some of those sharp rocks did it in) , but its already back on the bike and ready for the next ride !

anyway here is a sample of the ride !

Sat was a good dirt that I've seen in a while!

looks like a fun place to ride!!!!!

Sat was a good dirt that I've seen in a while!

Yea that rain friday night made it real nice out there , although when i was unloading my bike at home after the ride , it started snowing like a SOB , i had to take off my glasses so i could see , it was coming in sideways and flakes the size of dimes , but it only lasted about 5 minutes but by then i was soaked and cold !

looks like a fun place to ride!!!!!

Yea its a blast to ride out there , i prefer the tight woods , but until the snow melts in the mountians , the desert is year around riding if you can take the cold in the early months , it was nice saturday , it was about 45 !

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