Will this muffler fit?

Hey, I'm trying to buy a Procircuit 304 muffler for an 09 250sx, but according to the thumpertalk store, they only make them to fit upto the 03-08 models. So does this mean not 2009? :lol:

also, when you add it to cart is says 03-04, not even 03-08. whats up with this?

will it fit?

Mike. :thumbsup:

oh and when you get it is it already packed?

dont worry, i just got this from the TT store when i asked them:

"The cool thing about KTM is even though they do updates and refreshments of their designs, for the most part they leave a lot of things backwards compatible. In short, that muffler fits. The last MAJOR change to the 250SX was in 2007 and before that, 2003. Most everything on your bike could fit a 2003. While the frame is a little different, the engine cradle is the same so a skid plate that is listed 2003-2006 250SX fits the current generation 2007-2010 250SX. Same with the pipe and silencer. The 2000-2002 250SX can be converted to the 2003-2006 design by bolting on the 2003-2006 tank, subframe, air box and seat. KTM is really cool about that."


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