tire pressure

hi. I was wondering what all you guys run for tire pressure front and rear. I ride mostly soft terrain to medium. My buddies track has huge sand berms and I messed with the tire pressure now it seems to not handle nearly as good before I started. I dont know what was in there to start with. My suspension is all redone for my weight also. it was spot on before messing with it. I am about 195lbs.

I live in FL and it is pretty soft here. I run 10-11 psi in rear and 12 up front.

I live in IN i have mine set at right under 15lbs, thats what Yamaha recomends. Its not super soft stuff though here.

Hard dirt=hard tires

soft dirt=soft tires.

I live in FL and it is pretty soft here. I run 10-11 psi in rear and 12 up front.
Same here, I run about 11 psi.
Same here, I run about 11 psi.

+2, about 11psi

I have always run 10-11 lbs in all of the rear tires and 12-14 lbs in the front and have had and had good results. I recently bought a D952 rear and was wondering if I had made the right choice because it was squirmy on anything resembling hard ground. Then I ran across Dunlop's recommendations for the WORCS riders and the D952 tire - 13 lbs. So I tried it and the tire is much better.

I guess what I'm trying to say is there are general tire pressures that you can start with but it will take some experimenting on your part to find what works best for your bike, tires, riding style and the terrain you ride on.

I run about 11-12 in my front, and 6.5 - 8 out back (trails tire).

I suggest finding a good quality air pressure guage. Mine goes from 0-15 psi in .2 increments. So its made for low psi and I can change pressure as needed. Keep changing the pressure until you find a psi you like.

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