CRF150f tire/rim size problem

Hey guys. I have had an 07 crf150f for a while now, and am changing my rear tire now. I got a 16 inch rear tire, because that is what the old one was, but on the rim, it says its a 17?

Did they mess up, or did I?



No, mine says that to. Go with the 16" tire. It's what the manual says, and I would trust the manual.:thumbsup:

but is the rim 17? i don't get why they are 2 different sizes

Yes, the rim says it's 17,but the tire says it's a 16. I'm getting my tire changed soon, if you don't find any answers I will. Go with the 16" and if you have any trouble take it to the dealer and see if there are any issues. Honda never did a recall so I don't think there should be any issues...

thanks for your help.

i got the tires already, and i put it on, but it was a biatch..

and of course the inner tube pinched and has a hole in it now.. now we have to take the tire back off..

I hate changing tires

Any time. :lol:

Never done it but sure don't look forward to it.:thumbsup:

So the 16" didn't fit or you just had issues changing it?

it fit, but it was a pain in the butt to put on.. my dad even said that he thought it was way too hard to put on, and he thought it was really tight, but oh well

Well it is a off-road tire. It's suppose to fit on there nice and snug to handle off-road terrain. Atleast it fit. :thumbsup:

If it was a 17" rim, a 16" tire would be absolutely impossible to put on. I think what you are looking at is that the rim is 1.70 inches wide. I don't have my bike here to look at, but check that out.

Remember, the important part of getting on the tire is to get the bead of the tire that is already installed to drop down in the groove in the center of the rim as much as you can, except for the area you are levering on. This is how you get it loose enough to fit. Also use soapy water to lube it.


thanks for the help.

and we did use the soapy water trick..

Watch these two videos...they will make things a lot easier.

thanks, but i don't really need to know how to change the tire.

My son's front rim says 19 x 1.40 with a 19" tire on it;

the rear rim says 16 x 1.60 with a 16" tire on it.

If this is of any help. Maybe yours is 16 x 1.70?


use WD-40 to change the tire. Soap will react to water and slip, and WD-40 dries. Best tip I was ever given for changing Sumo road tires.

I use windex, nice and slippery but dries up rather quickly afterward.

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