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Using actual oil on air filt.

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In my continuing preparations for my, (hopefully), trip out west, I've purchased a Twin-Air filter. Up till now I've used Ready Filter brand for the convenience and because I don't see a lot of dust on my home turf (Ready Filt. is kind of a thin element that's pre-gooed). But, I figured for out west I need a denser filter element.

Anyway the thing is I don't really want to deal with the Twin Air Goo and goo cleaner on the road, I'm wondering if I could get away with just going old school and using dyno. oil, that I can wash out with soap and water.

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another option would be to carry 2 or 3 pre-oiled filters in a zip lock bag.

just thinking it would be easier to carry some filters than cleaner & oil.

probably wouldn't matter if they were compressed either.

Yes, that would be the best way to do it.

Now, I'm just trying to avoid buying multiple filters again. I still have a half a dozen Ready Filters left. Of course, I still plan on using around home base.

Now that I think of it, maybe I should have started this thread different. Maybe I should have asked weather people thought Ready Filter brand air filters were adequate for desert riding? I mean they are exactly what I'd need (pre-oiled, packaged, comes with a glove) , it's just that they seem a lot thinner than a Twin Air, etc...

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i can't comment on the ready filters, as i've never used them. i would think they would be fine - or at least hope they would. afterall, they are marketed for dirt bikes, correct?

i've got at least one oem filter i could live without for the cost of shipping.

maybe get one or two more oem filters cheap here or ebay if $ is an issue(when is it not).

one good thing about the twin air filters is they're a little smaller than oem. not really going to save much space though.

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