State inspection with clutch switch bypassed

For all of you with the clutch/kickstand switches bypassed: Was this a problem to get the bike inspected, or don't they check this stuff? I don't want to have to buy parts(mine failed and left me stranded) for a feature I don't want, but I don't want to get nailed on the inspection.



Clutch bypass is an easy plug & play behind the headlight cowling.

Leave it set up for the inspection, then take 5 minutes to do the bypass when you get home.

To bypass -- three screws to remove the cowling, unwrap the plastic sheath, locate the wires at the clutch and follow them to the plugs. Unplug them and then cross them on the harness side by plugging the harness side male/female wires into each other. Leave the switch side hanging inside the sheath when you rewrap the harness.

Reinstall the cowling and you are done.


Via edit: Well, scratch all that. I was watching 24 while posting and completely misread your post.

Where I live (Alabama) we do not have a state inspection for motorcycles. But I do hold a class A CDL and have been inspected countless times in dozens of states.

You can go to your local DMV office (or perhaps find it online) and get a copy of the check list for your state required vehicle inspection. If the clutch switch is not required you are okay, and if it is required you will have to buy those parts and re-install the switch to make sure you can pass the inspection. After that, my first post applies!

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Corrections, etc.

Thanks Basketcase, I should have googled! Below is the link for my state. It doesn't specifically mention the safety(or maybe it's the "strand me now") switches, but it could fall under the general mention that all switches must be functioning. I just wondered if anyone got hassled during inspection for this.

I am thinking they will not know whether the bike has a safety switch on the clutch, but the real scoop on that might come from another PA based rider who has been through the hoops.

An option for info closer to home could come from Adventure Rider. The Northeast Regional Forum over there will almost certainly get you an informed opinion.

Good luck on all that. :thumbsup:

Well being from PA., and I just had mine inspected today, and yes mine is bypassed, he never checked it, but did make the comment, "all that safety crap stinks", I just grinned, and he stickered it, and he said "you have a great looking bike, do you want to trade even up for my '02 Suzuki Intruder 1500?" I have allot of add-ons on my '05 650 and suspension work, and I gave him a quick no answer, and offered to help him find a good 650 when he sells the Intruder, looks like I'm gonna have a new riding buddy. So the short answer is, I guess it depends on the garage, I don't know the laws for that particular question. I've often wondered about my non-vacuum pingel fuel valve being an issue also, but I've never had a problem with that either.

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