Back on a KTM 200XC-W

Just got back on a KTM again after a few years.:thumbsup: Picked up a 2010 200xc-w and i'm not looking back. Had a 03 200 for a few years and then went to the 4 strokes to check out the hype. The bike is awesome and i'm really happy with the decision to get off the 4 stroke bikes. Alot of good threads on here helped me pick the 200 and i hope i can utilize your help in the future for more tips. Do have a few questions. Anyone know where the best place to get a light kit for it? Also whats the best option to get a spark arrestor on it. Any help would be appreciated! :lol:

Congrats! I put the FMF Q Stealth on right from the get go and it's been excellent. Don't know what to suggest for the light kit. Are you going with DS lights or a race light?

Notice any change with the bike after switching the silencer? I wan't to go with a race light just did'nt know the best place to look.

I never ran the stock silencer because where I ride a USFS sparky is required and expensive to get pinched without one. I picked up the Q Stealth when I picked-up the bike. I can't compare it to stock performance wise but the it runs perfect everywhere with JD's jetting.

If you want a race light, check out Baja Designs. You'll need a stator rewind to power HID or big Halogens and Baja Designs does it all. I've been down the lighting path many times and burned except by Baja Designs so they'll get my business again when the time comes. If you're looking for a trick HID that's usable as a daylight, check out Airtime-HID. Personally, I like the 100W 8" Halogens because they work better for me in the dust and I'm always in the dust:lol::thumbsup:

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