2002 YZF250 new to me question.

Just joined the forum and have been looking around and wanted to get your opnion. Just got a 2002 YZF250 and I do not have any history on the bike. I changed the oil as well as flushed and re-filled the cooling system as well as put a new air filter in. Bike seems to run good as well as starts pretty well "onec you figure out the art of that". My question is just ride it till I have a problem? or is there engine wook that I need to do? Just ride the trails in the national forest OHV.

Well that is gonna be the problem with older bikes and stuff is gonna brake. and when it does you just have to take it in. with the older bikes your gonna have to change the oil and oil filter earler than the newer bikes because of the high mileage and you could also change coolant earlier too. But for the high mileage bikes and older bikes USE SYNTHETIC OIL!

Clean your air filter every ride

Change your oil every 4-6 hours does not matter what year (there is only one quart in there)

Learn how to check you valve clearance and do it every other oil change. If your valves don't tighten up you are fine, when you have to reshim your valve clearance the second time you will need to replace asap.

Above advice is pretty good. Go ahead and get a flywheel puller and a Torx-27 bit to get the flywheel and stator plate off. You need to pull the flywheel and check the small sprocket on the crankshaft. The cam chain needs to be changed often, every 50 hours or so. Otherwise the teeth on the small sprocket get worn and it will jump time and take out the top end. If inspection shows the teeth are sharp and pointed, then the crank needs replaced. If they are flat on top, they're good.

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