Auto Transport


Looking for info on a good reliable Auto transport company. Anybody used one before or have heard about any. I would like to find a local company.

I need to move my truck from Helena,MT to Denver.

Its fully restored and pretty much brand new all the way around.


There really is no such thing as a "local auto transport company", the long haul guys (like you're interested in) go all over, where ever the money is.

A few that I would trust with my stuff (and I'm a long haul trucker)-


Horseless Carriage

Whoever you do decide upon (or use this as a tool to compare companies) ask for their USDOT# up front and check their safety record/history.


You could find a buddy - load up 2 bikes in his truck, and go get yours, while stopping to ride along the way -sounds much more fun that way

I thought about driving it, since I will be there this summer. But the truck is not intended for the highway and Im worried about rock chips.

Chicken hauler thanks for the info....Im calling today

I met this guy thru TT and showed him some trails in my neighborhood. He seamed like a stand up and reputable guy (and he rode very good). His TT name is "treeshot", company name LoadNGO/Hot Shot Transportation. Give him a call.

Shaun 803-537-4230

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