Love the new SG10's one question though

So i have been ridding with tech 7's for the past 2 years. Just got new SG1's and there great boots i love them:banana::thumbsup: I havent gotten a chance to ride on the track with them yet because i just got them but im wearing them around the house breaking them in there so comftorable. One question though. Some of the straps seem easy to move. Like the top straps where you can adjust them they seem very easy to move in and out. Its hard to describe but if i pull them like up and out i can just pull the strap out a few notches. I know that sounds weird but basically they seem like they move out to easy. Anybody else have this problem? or are my straps messed:banghead:. Do you guys get what im describing?

Are the straps in upside down? :thumbsup:

They are supposed to be adjustable obviously and if you get them at the right angle, they move quite freely. The straps on the top are not bound up as much by the leather as the bottom straps.

Adjust them too your liking, wear them a bit strapped down and they should get a slight bend in the strap which keeps it in place pretty well.

haha i dont think there in upside down. they were already in when i got them. and yeah thats true when they get a good bend in them i guess they wont move as easily:banghead:

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