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A RV for $8900.00 is this a deal or what

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Ok! there has been this RV sitting in town at what use to be a chevrolet dealership but is a vehicle shop now.

anyways there is a for sale sign on it and as I was walking my dog I took a gander at it and checked it out a bit.

I remember they wanted $8900.00 for it and that it had a generator,air suspension,had 54,000 miles and it slept six. I'm thinking it said it was a 92 model but I'm not sure cause when I seen $8900.00 with only 54,000 miles on it I was too shocked.

I wonder if this would be a good deal or if something is wrong with it? I cant remember what kind of RV it was but I know the front (where the radiator and lights are) was sorta pointy.

It was a teal color and white and the rear of the RV had what appeared to be like tassel's hanging down that was almost touching the road.

I remember it had a ladder on the side that went to the roof and it must have been at least 30 foot long or better.

It didnt look beat up or nasty and it looked like it had been kept up,.....all though the paint looked a little faded but not much(to me any ways)

I will check on it tomorrow as it is only a mile down the road and get what brand it is a try and to take a pic of it and post it up if the wife doesnt take the camera to school with her in the morning as she heads for work.

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Used RV's (especially self propelled ones) have little to no value....they're worse than boats.

My parents just traded up their 2000 38's two-slide immaculate Winnebago that was always stored indoors when not in use and had every option in the book including a washer-dryer, genset, twin airs, and had to really drive a hard bargain to get 20k in trade.

Many people are having a real tough time keeping the lights on and the house payment on track, RV's are the last thing on their mind.

If you're going to get serious about looking at it, print this off and take it with you. https://thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=839579

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went by there awhile ago and just made a quik stop to get the brand of it. It was 'Hell i done forgot"

i believe it was a Econoliner "is that a brand"? I know for a facgt that it said "Mallard" at the rear of the RV toward the bottom. Also noticed on the for sale sign it had a 454cc engine.

i have to get my tires rotated on my truck at 1pm so when i head down I;ll take the camera and take a picture of it and maybe you can tell if it is nice on the outside or if you all know about this brand.

some body had a ford disel for sale that had 212,000 miles on it for $11,900.00 I thought that was to high

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How does the rest of it look. I got an older motorhome (89 Tioga C) and I've been wanting to take advantage of the good prices on used stuff.

However, I've got mine all setup with extras (extra fuel tank, extra water, heavy duty hitch, levellers, satellite dome, upgraded fridge, headers, extra house batteries, upgraded alternator/battery charger, 40w solar panels, etc...). I've invested a little bit over the past 7 years, thats for sure. These are the things that make it more enjoyable for me and my family.

The point is, assuming that the engine, tranny and generator are in good shape, you should look for the extras. That's what really matters. Your true price will be the cost of the MH plus the extras

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