watchdog enduro computer

Anyone running the watchdog? How did you set up the sensor wire pickup?

Well did you find a good way? I need to mount mine up on my 08 and was hopping to find a easy way to do it..

What advice are you looking for specifically- how to mount the pickup sensor or how to route the wiring?

pickup sensor. I had to make a mount to mount it on a wr250r but had to have it out in front and did not like it.. Most people say they drill and tap the brake caliper mount but I can't see any real room for that on the wr250f..

I made a mount for mine that bolts to the two axle pinch bolts. A L shaped piece of alumnium that I bolted a threaded block for the sensor to. The bottom leg of the L bolts to the pinch bolts, the threaded block to the top leg of the L. I made a Y shaped piece of 1/16" alumnium to carry the magnet. The top two legs of the Y have a 6mm hole, the bottom leg of the Y crries the magnet thay you can epoxy. The top two legs of the Y bolt thru the triangular holes in the rotor with 6mm bolts. I run a plastic disc gaurd and the sensor wire runs around the bottom of the fork leg and up the brake line.

Rocky I made something like that for my wrR so I guess I'll do the same..

I'm looking at your name and your from NJ so you have to be the only Rocky I know with a WR LOL See ya at the races and thanks..

What Rocky says- To mount the sensor, fabricate an "L" shaped angle. However, be sure to have a location for the magnet first, so you know how tall to build the "L" bracket.

For mounting the magnet, that is pretty straightforward to follow the Watchdog instuctions. Just find a spot on the disk where you can spot drill a 3/16" dia hole (not thru, just enough to get the magnet to almost be below flush). Then, drill a 1/16" dia hole all the way thru this magnet mounting hole. This 1/16" dia hole will be really useful to remove the magnet someday. Epoxy the magnet into the 3/16 hole and roost on.

And then, to protect the sensor from damage and to somewhat protect the brake rotor, add a plastic disc guard. Yamaha sells one as a GYTR part, or you can order it directly from Parts Unlimited. I think disc guard is a Cycra.

got it a little while ago. I should have posted that. I ended up drilling the bottom of the left fork leg between the caliper mount and the tube. Tapped that hole and used that. I used the sensor from my KTM so I just threaded it all the way in and zip tied the cable. Have about a 1/4" between the sensor and the pickup. Used a little larger earth magnet from a local source and JBWelded that. Works real well!

Bike clocked a 80mph calibrated with the gps at our last enduro in Indiana in a bean field!


I think I'll just take the mount I made for the wrR and put it on my F

This is a TrailTech, but may help you. I marked and Dremeled a notch in the fork protector to align the pickup with the magnet installed into one of the rotor bolts.



took 3 min to make and works good.. + it's out of the way

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