2000' Questions anyone got one?

My neighboor is selling his Deezer. Its a 2000, the bike has original tires and just the center treads are worn half, the sides are pretty much brand new. The pipe, frame, skid plates, plastics are all like 95%... I am thinking if I spent a few minutes with a rag and some armor all, the tires would be the only real giveaway that the bike wasn't new!

The bike sat for like 4 years and evidently the owners kid or something took it for a long ride!(few hours) and kaboom, blew the lower end of the motor up I guess... so, my neighboor bought it with the motor torn apart... then took it to a reputatble bike mechanic who then rebuilt the motor, completely, low end, top end, valves and all, supposedly in the $1600 range! He has probably put 30 hours on it, all trail riding....

Tonight I rode it for 30 minutes... the only other mods I see are barkbusters and hand guards and it has a new chain. It was fun...I thought maybe a little heavy, but I was also being real careful since I was wearing tenny shoes and a bicycle helmet!:thumbsup:

He says with the money he put into the motor, he HAS to get $1800 out of the bike..

Is there any reason its not worth that IF the motor is indeed in new condition? The thing seems to be a beast to kick over, I have to be honest, I wish it was E start!

Is E start an option for this bike? How easy is it to put a street legak kit on? What is the weight and horsepower of this bike??

Can this bike be lowered very easily? Neighboor claims it will lower an inch or two pretty easily??I am only 5'7" and am tippy toes on this bike right now...

SOrry for the long post.. I am just struggling with getting something like this or getting something real nimble, like a KTM 200 or KDX 200/220....???

Whatchya think??

No E start is not an option, if that is what you want hold out for a DRZ E.

IF the motor is rebuilt complete by a quality shop, and the bike is in overall good shape... PLUS you like it.. yes, it's an $1800 bike.

Anytime a motor has been gone though, for me, if I did not do the work or know who did, I consider it a large running pile of spare parts.... Priced accordingly.

I'll take a worn out unmolested motor any day over a "rebuilt" one from an unknown source.

Evidently the guy is some sort of master motor builder, his name is Pete Loomis and he builds motors for hill climb bikes here in Billings, Montana (which has the oldest hill climb in the nation)...????

Is there any way to figure out the "letter" of this bike? I know its not an "e" but is it a K? or what?

If it is kick start only... It is a DRZ 400.. No letter.

As for the master Builder..the title alone means nothing... I grew up with racers, riders and team mechanics that can build a TZ250, or I4 motor to perfection.. and they know nothing about a DRZ motor. I started my Gear Head life in the automotive and Speed boat world.. Bikes were something i had to relearn on later.. and then learn more with each new model I choose to buy or maintain for others.

Again, If the bike is really clean and runs well,,, In My part of the country it is a $1500-1800 bike. Less if the potential buyer wants an E start, more if the buyer wants the Kicker only version.

Typically, how hard should these be to start? The neighboor started this one right up tonight, but then after I road it around, slowly, for 20-30 mins and brought it back, it sat for 20 minutes while we talked, then he went to start it to take it for a spin and couldnt get it started???

NOT what I want happening to me...especially not 15 miles back in the woods...


You can find an e start for this kind of money. Doesn't sound like it's in perfect condition. Look around at a few DRZ's. After you've seen a few, you will begin to know what to look for. I've seen a few for $1000 out here.

Doesn't sound in perfect condition? Is this because of it not starting easily? If a bike is in "good working order" is it expected to just fire right up...easy...all the time?

Is it likely a carb issue???

Thanks all...

Can anyone tell me typical weight and HP of a double ought?? Is it still in that 260 range and maybe 34 Hp??

When I look through the "what did you do to your deezer today" thread... I see a boat load of cool stuff...is there anything I CANT do to this bike besides electric start??


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