steering offset

just a quick question. what is the stock steering offset? i am about to buy a set of tripple clamps and i'm not sure which offset to get. 22mm or 24mm? anyone know which one would be better to get?

What year is ur bike? depending on the years the offsets are different.

my bad i'm a re-tard! i've got a 2010 CRF450!

Then the stock offset is 20mm. Thats wat my 09 is and they didnt change it for 2010.

so would the 22mm offset be recommended or 24mm?

I dont kno really I havent ridden my 09 at all yet I just got it. Since it is the new frame I would probably reccomend staying stock (20 mm) on our bikes. The 08s had the 22mm offset, but im not sure if the clamps are interchangeable.

Some say get 24mm some say 22mm and others say stock. But everyone that I have spoken with that put a steering stabilizer on their bike agrees that the bike handles much better. I am going to try the aplied 24mm offset and the ohlins 2.1. I would start off with the stabilizer and see how you like it. If you still have problems, get the 24mm.

Also it all depends on the type of riding u do. What do u spend most of ur time riding??

i spend more time on an MX track than anything but i have been doing a bit of trail riding mixed in with it. it's nice to mix it up on occasion. i currently have my suspension off to FC getting revalved and resprung for more of an MX application!

i'm a little confused as to what the offset is. is it in relation to the proximity of the bars to your body meaning 24mm would be closer to you than 22mm?

24mm is more suited to the fast off-road desert type stuff. If you want 2 change I personally reccomend the 22mm or just stay with stock.

To answer ur other ? 24mm offset is farther out than 22mm

So if u have a 22mm offset the front end will be closer in.

thanks a lot man. from what i can find applied only offers a 22mm offset. so i guess i'll go with that. i have a problem once in a while with over-steer anyway so maybe that will help a bit!

U might also want 2 try adjusting ur steering dampener i dont kno alot about that cause my 07 doesnt have one but the 09 i will have soon does. In talking to some of my buddies who have it they say adjustments on it can make a difference in how the bike steers.

If u get the 22mm clamps let me kno how they work, as I may want to get a set for my 09.

i will do that! i was thinking about having FC revalve my HPSD as well but figured it wouldn't make that big of a difference.....maybe i was wrong?

Im not 100 percent sure but Ive talked to peole with our bikes that say the HPSD and changes with can change/help the handling.

we'll see what happens. me personally i kinda think if you can get your suspension dialed in and valved for you then you shouldn't have to worry about the HPSD. i may be way off base though!

I would think that too but we will see how i feel once i get my 450 at the end of the month and put a few hours on it.

How do u like ur 2010 450 compared to other bikes u have ridden??

i haven't had a chance to spend a whole lot of time on it yet but i've really enjoyed it so far. i haven't ridden any of the other models of 450's. i've always been a honda man so i didn't even concider any other manufacturer. it took me a little bit to get used to the torque and the way it feels in the air but it didn't take as long to get used to as i thought it would. i am stepping up from an '06 CRF250 that i haven't been able to ride for the last couple years so i've been out of it for a little bit. i just figured i had a 250 why not get a 450.

update on the Tripple clamps. i ordered the 22mm offset clamps from CRFsonly but they didn't have the red ones. they said that they do offer stock offset clamps but they are backordered for up to two weeks. the 22mm ones they had were black and were for

1 1/8 bars. so i was like whatever i'll wait for the stock offset clamps. i didn't want to have to go through the whole fiasco of having them refund my money and something getting messed up. i ordered them with the stem and bearing and all.

If you sent your suspension off to FC then they will set it up for the stock offset. There should be no need (or benefit) to change the clamp offset. After I got mine back, the sterring is slow if anything. I would not want to induce understeer at this point.

Good luck.

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