How about a WR250X?

5'11 165lb B class MXer.

Looking for a road toy.

Getting older (36), tired of sport bikes, don't like cruisers, or big bikes in general. No interest in top speed or long rides.

Just want something fun to blast around for an hour or so and my 12-mile commute.

My previous street bikes: 98 YZF600, 06 TE610 (DS), 07 919

I want something simple, reliable, fun in the corners, and looks good.

I have no interest in exotics anymore or expensive KTM.

The DRZ seems old, heavy, and not so attractive.

Honda has nothing in the US right now (230 or 650...come on).

Kawasaki has something but I think the WR is much nicer.

Is this a fun bike to play on the road with or is it going to get boring fast?


I have read in may mags that the Wr is fun and can be modified to change things to make it better. It seems like a really cool bike especially compared to the other Dual-Sport options.

I might be mistaken but I think they make a kit for the 'X' to make it the same power as it's brother the YZ250F...

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