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the twitch kit

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whaddup guys purchased an (old)👍 09 yz months ago just now starting to ride more and have a box of J. Twitch's 08-09 Blue Rockstar kit already applied to plastics ofcourse with a couple scrapes but have the entire kit anyone interested in having the nostalgia and the sick plastics for the bike or just display let me know its a box taking up space in my home! kit was run in the dew tour and used as a practice bike before giving it up in 2009 with the white kit he's running now and the switch back between 2 and 4 stroke. I have not ridden with these plastics always wanted to wait to represent after i got some crashes out of the way.

Front Fender, Rear, Shrouds, Plates, Forks.

Any one want some or the whole kit ill be letting it go let me know whats reasonable in a PM and ill send it off

Thanks guys

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