Smog Block Off Help Needed

Hey Folks...Searched this but didn't quite get where I needed to be, so here goes...I purchased a smog block off kit online, reviewers were all happy with the product and such, but the kit came with extremely vague instructions. Here's the thing: The kit came with the plates, a plug that goes to the airbox, and four little black tubes, one of which is larger in diameter than the other three. We can't figure out what the four little tubes are for, of course we haven't got it apart yet either. Can anyone explain what I'm looking at here, or better yet, link me to a thread that outlines a basic smog removal? As always, your help is much appreciated...

This will walk you through the process. You should be able to figure out where all the stuff goes after reading.

Hope this helps--been quite a while since I did mine!

BRP-C...Thank you for taking the time to help a fellow enthusiast. I got to this particular party a little late...but I'm learning! Take care and ride safe, Jim

No problem, plus your right on time at the right spot. Everyone here is learning. Plus everytime I get stuck theres plenty of riders here that help me out! Good luck with the mod!

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