Fly Wheel Weights and MX

Does anyone run a FWW in mx? More particularly, on a 144/150? Looking to smooth out the 144 a little bit so i can last a little longer in a moto without getting tired, and just over all smoothing out the power delivery. Would i lose a lot of power? What weight would you recommend, im thinking an 8oz? I dont want it to be TOO dead...

Im not exactly the fastest rider in the world, so i think having a smoother type of hit would probably make me faster a little bit too?

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I don't think you'd like a fww on that engine.It would rob too much power. I would adjust the power valve, and maybe get a G2 throttle cam. It won't change the power, but give you more control on how much gas you're giving it. Less light-switch like.

A FWW does not reduce the power of an engine. A FWW retards the rate which the engine accelerates. This may be perceived as a reduction in power. If you are looking for a smoother power delivery that improves traction. A FWW is a good investment.

How heavy to go for MX? Start with the lightest? I use the heaviest FWW available, but I’m trials tire rolling trail junkie.


I believe Zip Tie builds a weight that comes with two 2 oz rings that you can add to the base weight which was 6 oz. You could have a 6,8 & 10 oz weight.

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