KX100 Question

For those of you ladies who ride a KX100, could you help me with a comparison? I saw in another thread many were recommending the KX100, which is the bike I was leaning toward getting also.

A little background, I am 5'4" with a 29.5" inseam. I currently ride our daughter's former XR100, to gain experience and skill and really like the weight of the bike. As I said, I was leaning toward getting a KX100 after some more seat time on this bike, but not so sure now. My concern is that after some time on the XR100, something isn't quite right. We are thinking it is that the frame of the bike itself is too small for me. Although it fits me alright, when I stand up to ride over rough terrain or go over bump, etc. I feel like I am going to go over the handlebars and am not able to control the bike very well. I try to lean back away from the handlebars, but end up barely lifting off the seat in order to maintain control and steadiness of the bike while riding. The handlebars seem to be at my waist, and it has taller bars than my daughter's current XR100 she rides, she is 9 yrs. old BTW. :thumbsup:

Looking at the specs online of the KX100, the frame of this bike seems like it is the same as the XR100 I currently ride. Is that true? My hubby read on here of another gal who put a raised seat on her KX100 and lowering pegs and a few other mods to help her fit the KX better. I suppose that could be one way to go, but wondering if it would be better to just go to a full-size bike and lower it instead. The only concern I have with this option is the weight of the bigger bike, as I am NOT a very strong person. Worried about the bike being too heavy for me to control in the slower/tight turn areas of the trail.

I don't have the best pic of me on the bike, but I do have a few that might help you see how I fit my bike. Mind you, it was taken yesterday for a ride out at the in-laws, so it was just a "fun" ride, nothing too special. So far, mostly looking to ride trails with the family. :lol:

I appreciate any help or advice you ladies can share with me. Do you think it's the XR100's size that is the issue I am having of the uncomfortable ride? And if you have another bike you would recommend other than the KX100, that would be helpful also.



hmmmm...i have been riding the kx100 after moving from a crf150f. the 150 was slightly bigger and fit slightly better. im 5'4" and probably the same inseam as you. i have high rise bars and angled them forward to open up the cockpit for standing...might add a 1/2 inch riser. i have read that some people have gotten new triples that offset the bars to move them forward. not sure i feel the need for that but it is always an option also.

i read the same thread about the seat...getting a higher one sounds like a good option along with lowering the pegs to make it rommier, but that would be a bummer to give up the ground clearance if you are riding in the rocks. while it might feel slightly smaller at times most of the time when riding i dont notice it and i just love the better ground clearance, better suspension and super light weight! it is soooo light! and i sure do like the size on the tricky rock sections.

another bike to consider that is bigger than the kx by alittle bit would be the ktm 105sx/xc. oh and either way (in case you dont already know) a flywheel weight is must do mod...so worth it!

One more thing, besides the handbars perhaps being too low, when I ride the bike, it seems more like I am in a complete sitting position. So when I go to stand up, it takes a lot more leg muscle to stand and hold the position than I think it ought to be. It is hard to tell from the pictures, that is why I posted the question, if how I fit the bike is proper or not. From the pictures, it looks like my legs are bent more than I feel they are when I ride. :thumbsup:

My hubby had me sit on his XR400, and I could tell right away that my leg position and the handlebars seem to feel like they are in a much better position overall to make riding more comfortable. I don't seem to be hunched or reaching for the bars. And my legs are at a steeper angle, making it easier to stand up from a sitting position - the distance from the seat to the footpegs is a longer reach. Of course, there is no way I can ride his bike, I can't even reach the ground -lol. But he is thinking it is the diff. between a full-size frame vs. the frame of the XR100 that might be the advantage. And we are wondering if I would feel cramped on the KX like we think I seem to be on my current bike?

So how does the KX100 compare to the XR100 as far as frame? Does anyone have a measurement from the foot pegs to the seat? I chose the KX100 as a possible choice for me based on the feedback here on TT and its light weight, but don't want to feel cramped and hunched on the bike either. Last Spring, the hubby took the 3 kids on trails and rode 50+ miles round trip. Besides being able to handle the bike on slower areas/deeper & softer terrain, I would like to be able to ride it comfortably over the longer rides.

I appreciate your feedback Eastwind, I do like the fact the KX is so light and the extra suspension travel as well. I appreciate any further perspectives on my future bike choice and what to look for.

That lil' XR is way too small for you!

I'm your size and my last mx bike was a TTR 125 - huge difference between that and my KX. (I rode my son's TTR the other day and couldn't believe that I actually used to ride one of those. Everything about the KX is so much better.) But one of the first things I do to all the bikes is ditch the stock bars and get bars with the highest bend I can find. It makes a huge difference in how far you're bent over while in a standing position and where your hands are. It's much easier to control the bike with your hands level with your chest (or as close as possible) then level with your waist.

A note about the risers - watch the brake & clutch cable lengths. They may not be long enough once everything else is raised...

I haven't gotten a chance to try out a KTM 105 yet so sorry, no info there. But if you come out to CO, you can play with my KX if you want. :thumbsup:

yeah leadfoot...your legs do look really bent in those pics. i dont know for sure but kind of think that the kx is a slight bit bigger than that bike. maybe the ticket for you is to lower a bigger bike providing you are comfortable with the larger bikes power since the issue seems to be the distance between the pegs and the seat. still thinking the ktm would be perfect...think the seat height is almost 2 inches taller than the kx...as good or better suspension and super light too.

So Monza, you're saying the KX feels bigger than the TTR? At 5'7", I rode a TTR125 for a bit. I put YZ85 forks on it (bigger, sturdier upside down forks, stock were just too tiny to hold up to my size and harder riding), longer swingarm (so more ground clearance, taller overall), tall seat foam, Fastway pegs (in low position), tall bend bars, 3/4" bar risers. I was able to ride it for longer periods, but it still was not large enough overall.

I'm now riding a full sized bike (lowered) and very comfortable on it. But I do have a few inches on you (though not much in the inseam... I have a long torso).

If I were you, I'd go to some bike dealers and check out the different bikes out there. You'll probably find that the CRF230 (for example) is a nice size for you, but it is very heavy! That is a huge problem for novice women... finding a bike that fits, has reasonable power, but is light enough to pick up. You are right in that range... big enough frame, but not enough muscle. Plus the 230 is pretty pokey... fine if all you want to do is putter along, but if you want to get up and go... want more in your power to weight ratio, it's just not going to get it. And no, there's nothing wrong with puttering along... the 230 is great for some folks (and the Honda 230 is lighter than the Yami version, fyi).

You can work on your strength, and learn to pick the bike up (use those legs) better when you crash. But if you want light... a full sized bike is automatically going to be heavy. A smaller, modified bike might do the trick. If you know of anyone who lives near you that has other bikes, try them out, at least to sit on. If you're anywhere near me, my TTR is available to try (and is for sale if someone comes along and wants it).

All good info ladies, thanks for sharing.

Well, as for cycle shops in our area, it is pretty slim pickings around here. We have a Harley dealership in town, and a Triumph dealer out of town, and a Honda dealer about 1/2 hour away. That's about it. But, there is a KX125 for sale locally by a private owner that looks pretty sweet, as well as a CRF150F that looks brand new, both for around $1K. Looks like we might try and see if I can check those out and sit on those and see what they feel like.

About a month ago, there was a really nice KX100 for sale, cheap and in GREAT condition. BUT, I decided to wait and see how my skills improved when Spring arrived. Well, Spring has sprung, and now I see the bike I am learning on is too small - lol. I haven't seen anything of a KTM 105 around here, but wasn't looking for one either. So far, nothing on our local Craigslist.

Not sure about the CRF230, I don't want anything pokey. My 9 yr. old came around behind me on the trail on Sunday, it was the first time I went thru the newest part of the trail with some softer dirt and sharp turn. She pulls up along side of me and announces - "Mom, you can't go thru this part of the trail, it is too difficult for you right now, stay up there on that part of the trail" and she points to the grassy/sweeping curve uphill of where we were. GRRRR...that was all the incentive I needed to push myself more, and not long after that, I was going thru the "too difficult" area pretty decently! She keeps that up, and 2-stroke for me it is...:thumbsup:

Actually, I am very proud of both our girls and how well they ride. They have at least 2 years of practice over me though. If I were to get a KX100, both my hubby and I would like to see how she would do on a 2-stroke, she really wants a 2-stroke bike BADLY.

Thanks again for all the help, I'll keep looking and trying bikes out and see what I find.

ha haaaa...keeping up with the kids! wish i could get my girls into it but they are 15 and 12 right now so on into their own worlds. i started riding too late! keep us posted and 2 strokes are fun! just remember best mod ever...flywheel weight!

I'm a newbie here as well. Pretty much the same size as you - 5'4", 29" inseam, 115lbs. Here's my perspective from a woman who has just purchased a kx100 - coming from a ttr225 (full size bike) that I've ridden for a year. And btw, thanks to finding thumpertalk over the winter, it opened up the kx100 option that I never would have even considered if I hadn't seen all the glowing reviews from other women riders on here.

Yes, I fit on the 225 - (it wasn't perfect) I could touch both feet on the ground on tip toes and was comfortable in the overall riding position of it. While the full size bike fit might have been fine, the kx100 fits better overall - especially considering I'm new to riding. My feet are comfortably on the balls when touching the ground (I was on tip toes on the ttr) and other than possibly changing the bars, I don't feel cramped - and I definitely don't look cramped like your pics show you fitting on the xr100. I know I sat on an xr100 a while back and I was way too big for it.

The suspension on the kx100 and the weight of the bike are what sold me. The ttr225 is HEAVY - mother of God, is it heavy! I WAS able to pick up the ttr (I was taught the proper technique), but it still wasn't pleasant and was definitely exhausting. The kx100 is almost 100lbs lighter than the ttr that I was on - and is 80lbs lighter than a crf150f (that you are looking at) and about 10lbs lighter than the xr100 you are on now.

I absolutely know that the kx100 is going to be a huge confidence booster because of its size & weight - it feels more like an extension of me. My brother who is a long time dirt bike rider/racer went with me to the dealer and thought the kx100 pretty much fit me perfectly - but wants me to ride it stock for a while before I change anything, including the bars and possibly putting on a FWW.

The advice about sitting on different bikes is a really good. Even if you had to drive a couple hours to a dealer or to a motocross track to check bikes out. I live in Maine, and nothing you really want (clothes, motorcycles, anything :thumbsup:) is available - so for me I'm used to driving long distances to check stuff out. In fact, I bought my kx100 at a dealer out of state, 2 hrs away from me.

Good luck in your search & decision!

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Renaultf1 - Welcome to TT, and thanks for all your info.

Planning to just go out and sit on various bikes, have a few in particular I want to target and see what I end up with. I really like the idea of the KX100, but not limiting myself just yet to that one bike. I really appreciate all the help and info ladies!:thumbsup:

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