FMF fitment problems!

So UPS delivered my full FMF exhaust today for my 2004 KTM 450 SX. The powerbomb header went on, next was the mid pipe then the muffler. Well the muffler wont slip over the mid pipe. No burs on either to speak of but I took a file to the ID of the muffler anyways. Im pushing and pushing and it wont go over. Im thinking the the mid pipe OD is a hair to big. Im a bit angry right now, i wanted my $700 exhaust to fit and be installed for this weekends trip to Glamis. I have the mid pipe in the freezer trying to shrink it, and a map gas torch to expand the muffler. LOL it worked for me before on auto parts.

Anyone have experiences like this with FMF or have any suggestions to fit it up?

No specific experience with your model of FMF but smooth fitting of exhaust pipes is difficult to achieve. A header builder made my mid pipe for a no clamp fit to the header and I needed to to use a Dremel drum sander to get a smooth fit, but no leaks and no clamp. I would suggest sanding the OD of the mid pipe to remove high spot to see if that improves the fit.

When you get the fit you want use some red RTV on the joint and you will have a nice no leak fit.

There should be a spacer in the muffler you have to take it out when using the full system. They ship it that way so you have the option of using your stock header and mid pipe.

ktm= Kentucky Trash Master


sorry idk anything about ktm haha

i have the FMF TC2 for a 95-97 on my 94 and it fits perfect and its not even designed for my bike.....

Have you considered calling FMF and ask them for advise?

I have had problems with just about every exhaust on just about every bike to fit. I ended up having to do what you are doing. Mid pipe in the freezer and blow torch on the muffler.

I would make sure you had everything aligned and that nothing is twisted or in a bind what so ever.

I have a full Titaninum 4.1 on my 2010 450 YZ and it fit flawlessly. Just make sure nothing is in a bind and if not and it is still off i would call them back and tell them what the deal is and maybe they will ship you another one out or whatever part of it you need in a couple of days.

I found the problem. Its the wrong muffler. They shipped me one for a stock header not the FMF powerbomb that I bought at the same time.

Good deal......

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