ttr 250 jetting done ... i love it

Hello , First i love this forum great info,,, now i got a 1999 ttr250 wich i consider a great bike i had it for over a year and bought it from the original owner for $900 with 347 miles on it ,since day one been going to trails with everything from water , sand , mud, trees , and driving hard even going under water with no problems at all , also got a rm 250 and i love more the ttr just because the low end torque , my mods so far are a ready air filter , FMF Q MUFFLER ,50 tooth rear sproket , just to have little more high end (perfect) , last weekend just intalled a jet kit from dynojet from a ltz 400 150 main jet i left the primary stock and moved the needle 1 clip down and the fuel mixture 2 1/2 turns ,and that made a huge diference on my bike the throttle response was perfect , a lot quicker than before it did not make that much dif. on high end just gets there alot quicker than before and for me now is perfect. im going this coming weekend to ride all day to see how it performed on a long day ride.......lets see 007.jpg01090010.jpg01090014.jpg

Good deal! Looks like good ole sandy FL! But your place looks better! Luv water! Is that head light stock? I'd like to add lights to friends ttr225. Can these be taggable for street?

yes is the stock headlight and yes you can tag the bike to use it on the street but you need to get all turn signal and all that . Riding here in florida we got a little of everything water mud and alot of sand but i love it :thumbsup:

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