Your opinion for a trade 2001 yamaha TTR 125L for a 78 TT 500

What is you opinion on this?

Depends on the condition of the two bikes, quality, etc. I probably wouldn't, but that's just me :thumbsup:

Why such an old bike ? Do you want a rebuild project?

all you would be really gaining is a boat load of torque. suspension and handeling wise they are probably pretty close. if you are planning on a dualsport conversion at some point, the 500 is the better choice as it will like highway speeds better.

Keep the TT500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, find another TTR125, those old TT's and XT's are getting hard to find. I have eight bikes, can't have to many:smirk:

I traded the ttr for the tt, but the tt needs a little work, but it does have a lot of torque, and its fast as hell, it blows away my friends 400 ex, he has a few mods to it, full exaust, bigger carb, high comp kit.

Newby here testing the posting. I had a TT500 back in the day. The bike was a ton of fun for off season playing in the woods. There were not many 'thumpers' then either... so it was also unique.

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