CCR Sport Bed Buddy Reviews / Opinions

I just picked up a bed buddy motorcycle tie down rail off Craigslist for $40, which I thought was a steal.

Anybody using one of these and how do you like it, any pointers, reccomendations,etc?


Make sure you mount it sturdy and I also hook my outside tie-downs to one of the lower hooks attached to the truck bed and route the strap through the tie down strap hole so the tuggung force isn't twisting on the rack. The metal on the bed will twist!

make sure you use a metal bar on the outside of the bed between th ebed and the cab. That will give you the bar the needed support and won't bend your bed.

I had one on my '85 and put a new one on the '04 truck that replaced the '85. I've been happy with it for years. I don't use the outer tie down loops on the BB itself, I hook to the mounts in the lower part of the bed and to the middle loop on the BB. If I haul a third bike, I'll use the loops on the BB for the third bike. Haven't had any problems with bending the bed or the BB itself. But, I don't over-torque the tie downs either - just enough to keep the bikes in place.

Had it for years as well and I do the same thing with tie downs as mentioned above. My only issue was with the middle extension accessory that allows you to stagger a 3rd bike. It is kinda wobbly but once you secure a bike to it it does stay in place... well it did come off once when I hit a particularly nasty pothole.

I like mine!



Brother has one on his truck, works great. He just put some big washers between mount and bed so it doesnt twist. Also, it says to cut the bed liner, but he didnt.

I think I am gonna snag one of these with the 3rd bike extender for my utility trailer.....

Bumpin an old thread

My buddies trucks without a BB are a pain to strap down bikes. I have BB in both our pickups.

Only way to go and you won't collapse your truck bed.

How do you attach them to a 2011 F-150 without removing the bed to tighten the nuts?

There is no room between the bed and cab to get a wrench for the supplied nuts.

Do you have to remove the bed?? 


I thought these things came with PlusNuts that made installation a snap but the one I bought from Chapparal came with regular nuts and long bolts.  WTF ??

Call Chris at CCR Sport.  He'll hook you up with the expansion nuts that go in blind for your purpose.  Good company, great guy.  He has helped me out plenty of times.



I had one on a Dakota for 5 years loved it. Gonna get one for the trailer. Blind nuts hold very solid.

Has anyone mounted one of these to a newer Toyota Tacoma with the plastic bed?  Thanks 

No, I have one in my Tundra but it's a different bed.


Call Chris at CCR Sport. He'll help you out.



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