Need better suspension for dr 650

Just bought 2002 DR 650se and of course I need to do something about the suspension. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated before I take this hog into the Michigan woods.

I've had one of those, I'm not sure it can be "fixed" for "woods". It is a hog, and too heavy for much more than fireroads. You can obviously push the limits past that a bit, but it isn't very fun on that bike. Spending a fortune on the suspension is like putting lipstick on a, well, a DR650 :thumbsup:



The easiest thing to do would be unscrew the gas cap and slide a ktm exc under it and reinstall.

hey rulingtheroost, if i wanted to hear a smart ass i'd fart, i'm sure if i had more money to waste i would, but this is what i'm dealt with right now, and it might say newbie under my name, but i have alot more riding under my belt than you may think, i've already smoked a few punks on crf's in the woods with this thing, so i'm sure i could tail your ktm. just looking for suggestions, not the obvious things a big wallet can buy.

I understand I had a dt 400 in mid 90's that I used to run against modern bikes. Micky Kessler @ kps in NJ. did my buddies dr 650 with good results.

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