What do you always carry?

Tried searching, but was pretty vague.

What do you always have with you when you ride? Not talking about long, adventure trips where your packing a bag, extra parts, extra tools, etc.

But what would you always have if something went wrong on a day ride in the middle of no where? I hate depending on anyone, like if id need help.

Was thinking..

Factory tool bag, extra fuses, tire patch kit, C02 tire inflation kit, spark plugs, electrical tape, zip ties, few paper clips, mini maglight...

Prolly gonna pick up a masterlink to throw in there as well. Trying to limit it, since I dont wanna add more weight to it. I dont wanna have a chain breaker too. I'll prolly pick up some tire irons since a patch kit is useless unless I can get the tire off the rim. Most everything will fit in the tool pouch thing. anything I cant Im gonna put in a ziplock, and ziptie to the outside of it, under the side panel. Pretty much will be an emergency if Im gonna need to get in it.

What do you guys carry?

Water is the most important thing to carry. I carry tools, flat fixing stuff, maps, first aid kit and survival gear.

Don't forget the TP! :thumbsup:

colt 45, 2 zigzags

2 bottles of lucozade, master link ,spark plug and a small selection of tools

Smith and Wesson MP 40, Two 16oz. refreshments

A can of beer


I carry the stock tools, first aid, cell phone, CO2, tire irons, patch kit, spare head light bulb. elec tape.

One of the best things you can do is get to know the DR. For instance it already has spare fuses, hung near the actual ones, check them to see they aren't gone. I don't carry a spark plug - I figure it has 2 so one of those is a spare. I don't carry chain stuff b/c a masterlink generally needs the chain broken and my chain tool is too big. Most of my on the road repairs are lights, done part for safety and to prevent expensive tickets, NY is broke and yes they will write a ticket for ANYthing not working - about $100/bulb

for big rides we get together and make sure between all of us we have all the stuff

colt 45, 2 zigzags

ha you beat me to it.


a lot of speed :lol::thumbsup:

Once I get commissioned, I'll probably carry with me on longer rides.

I figure plugs and link weigh almost nothing, just good idea to have them. I know it would be incredibly hard removing the a link with hand tools, but if its that, or a day hike back, im sure I can come up with something. I'll prolly add some tp to the list, I threw some in my hydra pack that I take on mtn bike excursions after a few unplanned pit stops were needed.

I carry a set of metric sockets and a 3/8" ratchet, some metric allen's and an 8" crescent wrench in addition to the factory tool kit.

Beware of using CO2 to inflate your flat tires. If you have a problem and use all of the CO2, you are then SOL. I just bought a CO2 inflator that can also be used as a hand pump. Pretty nifty device, with added insurance. Cost about $30, got it at my local BMW shop. Sorry I do not remember the brand.

I saw one similar at my local bicycle shop that I was probably gonna run. It also converted to a small hand pump. For the couple bucks more, seemed like a great idea.

If I off-roading then I usually carry a spare brake and clutch lever. Hardly weighs anything and only takes minutes to replace.

a lot of speed :lol::thumbsup:

Speed - bad.

Momentum - good.


Speed - bad.

Momentum - good.


speed = momentum

Damn! Was that a crank bearing is saw in one of those shots? :) You D37 desert rats sure are paranoid. :lol: Seriously though... fantastic layout. Thanks for sharing and making me feel totally "at risk" on the Michigan trail system. :thumbsup:

speed = momentum

Don't let the authorities know that!

Speed kills!

Momentum saves the forest and rescues kittens.

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