different cam profile specs?

so ive been shopping for cams but then it dawned on me to get mine grinded by my ol pal motox_2005 who has a cam grinder. so does anybody have specs on say pro circuit cams, wild cams, anything? anything BUT hot rods (its proven by dyno results that hot cams reduce power from stock cams)

I don't even think Motox2005 even runs his own ground cams.so your gonna let someone with a cam grinder that doesn't have any specs cut your cams.mmmmm? So when you get these hi pro cams your willing to change springs and buckets too?

well i get the buckets and springs at 50% off so why not? i was looking to make then a little more agressive, not no 10 hour valve setup. and no tim doesnt run his own ground cams, he runs a custom ground cam from jesse williams at motowerx. but he definetly know his cam profiling and grinding and ive got faith in tim. hes badass

you telling me I should pull the hot cams out my 07 and get the stock ones back in?

well im not sure if the stage 1,2,and 3 hot cams lower performance over the stock ones. but i know for sure stage 1 does

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