How do i fix this stock muffler?

Well i went riding out in the dunes yesterday and when i was putting the bike on the trailer i noticed its fallen apart :):

there are no bolts, and it seems like its missing something at the end of it, because normally i think the end of both metal parts should be flush.:lol:

so yeah, how do i fix it?

Mike. :thumbsup:

thanks guys!

Parts 18 and 19 are needed to hold that all together. You lost a nut mate:lol::thumbsup:


Ah! nice, I was exactly trying to figure out how to take the muffler apart to service the packing... Is the big star nut at the end the only piece that's holding everything together? Taken off you just need to yank it open?

Thats a bummer, I just gave my stock muffler away on eBay...

best fix would be to replace it with an FMF or something, BUT I do have the stock one off my 300, with ZERO hrs on it. not sure what those parts cost or there avaialbility.


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