How do i fix this stock muffler?

Well i went riding out in the dunes yesterday and when i was putting the bike on the trailer i noticed its fallen apart :):

there are no bolts, and it seems like its missing something at the end of it, because normally i think the end of both metal parts should be flush.:lol:

so yeah, how do i fix it?

Mike. :thumbsup:

thanks guys!

right, so the parts i need are:

16, 18 and 19 on the TT OEM microfishe?

is this right? thanks, Mike. :thumbsup:

That looks correct, you can see the treads in your 3rd picture where part 19 threads on. This would hold the whole silencer together. I would go ahead and check you silencer packing while you have it apart and use some new sealant at the joints during reassembly.

You cant rivet in there? And then try to grind out as much of the rivet on the inside if you can? Its worth a shot i guess

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