02 DRZ400E 3 quick questions


New to me '02 400E that had been sitting in neighbors garage here in phoenix for a few years. Everything stock. Took carb off/apart and cleaned. While off, I wired the AP arms together and ground down the AP diaphram stop aka "eddie mod". CE still intact. The jetting was all exactly stock.

Here's what I found:

Main Jet: 142

Needle: OBDXP #4

Pilot: 45

starter jet: 66

Pilot air jet: 60

Main air jet: 200

Pilot mixture screw: 1 3/4 turns out

Riding will be a mix of on/off road from about 500 feet to 3000 feet MSL around Phoenix (80-100 degree temps).

Starts and runs fine now, except at idle, so a new pilot should cure that.


1. I'll do the 3x3 mod next and have found a couple of jetting recommendations by searching this forum as well as the DRZ forum. Which way should I go?

(recommended to someone 4-6000 ft)

145 Main Jet

EMP Needle: Clip 3

200 Main air jet

45 Pilot Jet

2 Turns Fuel Screw


160 mainjet

stock dxp needle

5th clip

stock 45 pilot jet

2.5 turns fuel screw

From these recomendations, it seems that the 142 Main is for sure too lean. I'm guessing the needle is the only other thing I'd need to mess with for reasonable jetting.

2. Is there an aftermarket idle adjustment screw? The stock one broke, and seems a pretty flimsy design for $45 a pop. This is the flexible screw that you use to turn the idle speed up and down with.

3. I'm needing an extended pilot mixture screw (fuel screw), so I can adust it with the bike running. Are these compatible with the electric start? Seems there's no room for one between the screw opening and the starter sitting on top of the engine.

Thank you for your inputs. It's my first DRZ, actually first Suzuki and first FCR carb ever.


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I fitted a flexible fuel screw to my '01 E and there was enough room between the carb and the starter. Photo is with the CE removed.



160 mainjet

stock dxp needle

5th clip

stock 45 pilot jet

2.5 turns fuel screw

the quick and easy set up for running with out the snorkel.

That's great! So all I need to buy is a 160 main, Lift the needle one position, and open up the fuel screw a bit. After working on the jettig on my XT350, this has to be the easiest set-up ever!

I'll search for that flexible fuel screw. That looks like a good setup.

Any other options for the idle adjust screw?

Thanks a ton for the help. It's very appreciated.


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