R muffler on 250x, how loud?

I've nearly decided on running an 05 r cam and muffler with x header pipe as this seems to be a good combo for increasing power throughout the range. So far I've got the air box cut and JD jetting kit. The only thing holding me back is the sound level, I'd like it to be 96 or under, anybody done some testing on the r muffler with the x?

Yeah, I wondered the same thing and finally had my bike tested at the Loretta Lynn's ride a couple of weeks ago. My bike measured 94dB....but that was the R exhaust with the PromotoBillet insert and spark arrestor in.

On my 05 x, I haven't tried using the x head pipe combo, but with the complete r pipe/muffler with the Pro Moto insert/SA is consistantly 92db "on dirt" test and most recently was @ 96db when tested on a concrete slab. I don't think the head pipe would change the db.

That seems perfect, more power and not much more sound. Is there a cheaper option for the spark arrestor the one's I've seen from pro moto are around $120.

Unfotunately....no. Otherwise I would have went that route.

I got a whole R system w/ Pro Moto Cap already installed for less than $100 off Ebay.

I'm watching an R exhaust on ebay right now. I just was reading about the Rick Ramsey mod and wanted to know if that'd be a better idea.

I know it is completely non scientific but here is a video of me , my son and my brother goofing around... I am on my 2004 CRF250X with full R exhaust and R cam. CCC mods, pink wire mod. Everything else stock. My brother is the one riding the completely stock 2006 Raptor 700 and my son is on his stock 2001 XR100. You can hear my bike is pretty loud but I am due to repack the exhaust also. It has a PMB end cap on it but during the video the spark arrestor is not installed. The popping on decel from my bike is due to the smog pump that is still fully functional.

and this one also

The sound levels on my bike in the video may be louder than normal. I was inspecting my bike last night and I took the side plate off. The muffler is smashed pretty good, where the pipe goes into the base of the muffler there, it is very loose and makes a rattleing sound inside. About a week before the videos were taken I was riding and wound up getting cross rutted on a trail going about 45 or 50...The bike and I took a pretty good digger. Bike looked ok but aparently I landed pretty hard on the silencer. I took it off and am going to see if I can straiten it out and repack it. For now I have my original X muffler back on. Hope I dont loose too much performance.

I'm watching an R exhaust on ebay right now. I just was reading about the Rick Ramsey mod and wanted to know if that'd be a better idea.

I prefer the R can over Ramsey's mod just for the fact the X can is nearly

4lbs heavier than the R can. So you get better air flow and reduce the weight of your bike!

I will be riding my bike this weekend with the X muffler with the ramsey mod. It is the first time I have had this muffler on the bike since I put the R cam in it along time ago. I will let you know how it feels. I am looking forward to being a little quieter but I just dont want to give up too much performance.

Did you have to rejet with the Ramsey mod?

I rode my bike on a 20 mile ride today using the stock muffler with the defuser modified. I didnt change anything on my jetting set up. I am running a 165 main, 42 pilot and 55 leak. Stock needle in stock position. 250R cam and opened up air box. The results, well I dont like it at all. It has a week mid rpm hit and revs but doesnt make much power. Better than stock, yes, but not as good as it was with the R muffler. I may be able to help it a bit if I install a smaller main jet to go with the more restrictive muffler, but I dont plan to run it that long. I have another R muffler that is in good shape except for the end cap is bent up. Cosmetic only. I installed that and went for a test ride just to make sure the quieter muffler wasnt fooling me into thinking I am going slower. I am happy to say power is restored. I put a little epoxy on the end cap to act as body filler to get it looking kinda normal then spray painted the muffler black. It looks kinda trick so I am happy. It should be fine until I can replace it with a new one. I am planning on putting the Pro moto billiet end cap from my bend up R muffler on the other one that I painted but I need to grind the rivets out first. If that works out then I am good for a while or until I crash on it again.

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