Did I mess up my Eibach Install?

I weigh 215Lbs and installed the 8.1Kg Eibach spring in the shock to handle some aluminum panniers that weigh around 30lbs including the rack.

I ditched the aluminum collar as it wouldn't fit into the diameter of the spring, but the new adapter sits inside the spring as much as it will go, someone correct me if that is wrong. :thumbsup:

I haven't set the sag yet as I've just been playing around with the adjuster rings preloaded up and down just to see the difference, but no matter what, when I hold the bike straight with the kickstand up and the panniers attached, the back end looks as saggy as before, I thought the stiffer spring would raise the ride height, what gives?

If you set the race sag the same with either spring it should be the same height with you on it. The static sag might be a little different. The stiffer spring will keep the rear higher in the stroke when you start riding it though, compared to the lighter stock spring.

This explains it pretty well: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=271134

According to this, it will have more static sag if the spring is too stiff.

The stiffer spring won't drop as far with you on it as well.

The collar can be flipped in either direction. one way limits travel for when the bike is lowered and the other allows full travel. With it set for full travel you should have the little edge that the inside of the spring catches to stay centered. I have mine the opposite way since my bike is lowered and it allows the spring to wander around as it is flat.

Tighten the spring until you get the right amount of sag with you on the bike and make sure that collar is in the right position.

Thanks All! Jesse confirmed pretty much everything you guys are saying except no aluminum collar, nor clevis is needed and the smaller diameter part of the new adapter will sit in the spring.

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