Carry nice camera while riding

I was wondering if any of you carry nice digital cameras while riding through technical areas? I have an old Panasonic Lumix that takes pretty horrible pictures, especially detailed scenery. I want to buy a new camera sometime in the future, but am always afraid of breaking the thing while it is in my backpack. I have been kind of eying the Sony Cyber-Shot HX1 which is a cross between a point and shoot and a SLR for around $400. If anyone owns one of these I would also love some input as well. Or, if you have any tips as how the keep the thing in one solid piece please give me some info. Thanks everyone.

i have always zip tied a small camera case to the front of my chest protector so it is handy when i need it. many crashes later no issues protecting the camera.


I don't take any nice camera's with me when I ride. I toss the $100 one in the a drawstring back pack type deal if I go on some trails rides and want to take a camera. At the track I take my nicer cameras and just keep them locked in the truck.

Been thinking about this as well. Might look into a small Pelican case to throw in my camelback.

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