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Red Mini Bike Unbridled Access 29 Palms Grand Prix

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Report on the 2010 29 Palms Grand Prix. My two year old son and I decided to hop on over to the 29 Palms Grand Prix last weekend to school him early on how to plant his knobby into the face of mother earth. I explained to him seasons of slaughter, unbridled access, harassment and intimidation are key words that Phil Klasky’s Community ORV Watch use to discredit the wholesome family lifestyle of off-roading.

Bear seemed to understand as I loaded the red mini bike into the back of the van. This was going to be our transportation once inside the 29 palms Grand Prix. I signed the I wont sue you if I hurt myself agreement on the way in without hesitation. Bear and I found a nice parking place and preceded to unload the red mini bike, his helmet, and daddy diaper backpack.

Bear cried as I struggled to get the mini bike into neutral so I could start it. He wanted on now not 30 seconds from now. I finally got it started and life was good. Every year the race is set up a bit different so you have unbridled access to ride where you want when you want threw out the spectator areas to check things out. Bear was wide eyed, grin from ear to ear being with dad on the red mini bike.


I took Bear first to the Pee Wee track. This is where the little guys and girls have unbridled access to the Pee Wee track as long as a parent is supervising. It is for 70 cc engine size and under and since we have a 50 cc mini bike I thought about going for it. We decided against it because we didn’t want to slow them down.

Next we cruised the concession stands with its great smells. Hot dogs, BBQ, pictures, parts, t shirts and woman. We met up with Dano at the the dog stand and asked “how many hot dogs have you sold” knowing not to ask that question. Being a single dad raising a toddler I looked for dirt Mommy’s every chance I got… some smiles but no first, second or third place. The races were wholesale competitive

The 29 Palms Grand Prix needs to be experienced to be appreciated. When you are a spectator you realize that everyone is working so “you” have a good time. From the Hill Toppers security, racers, concession people we were made to feel welcome. I cant tell you how many people gave way to a father and son on a mini bike.

Bear and I would go back every weekend if we could but this event only comes around once a year so we bought a t shirt. We salute the people involved in the 29 palms Grand Prix.


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