Hand problems

Whenever I start to push myself into a race pace, my hands get really sore from holding the handlebars. I tried having a looser grip, but I start to lose my grip.

I have one of those finger gripping things that help with guitar playing. Should I use that?

Please help me with this, I want to be able to go at race pace for more than 3/4 lap.


Are you squeezing the bike with your legs? This will help hold you on the bike.

You could also try getting further forward on the bike.

This may sound stupid, but how do your gloves fit? If they are to big you end up with blisters. I like mine tight.

Well, I think I might not be gripping with my legs as much as I should. I have knee braces so I don't have much feeling when gripping.

I think my position on the bike totally depends on where I'm at. I lean back on uphills, long straights, and breaking into corners. I'm neutral on jumps, and short straights. I'm forward in the corners, coming out of corners, and jumps.

Back in August, before injury taking me out for.. till late march. My dad said I never gripped with my legs and I used to be able to ride at race pace for like 10 laps worth. I do weight training at school so strength shouldn't be the problem.

You are getting carpal tunnel my friend. Don't worry, its not fatal! Do wrist stretches before you ride. First, grab all 4 fingers and bend them back as far as possible. Do make it hurt and hold it there. Now, do the opposite. Do a praying position but, turn it arround so the backs of the hands are touching, fingers pointed down, lower the elbows till you feel it and hold. Lastly, grab your thumb like your hitch hiking and push it back towards your forearm and hold. I thought my race career was over. Couldn't hold onto the bike for 10-15 laps till I started doing these. Once or twice a day is a pretty good rule.

Same thing happened to me after I started using knee braces, which reduces your leg grip on the bike. No longer use knee braces and focus on relaxing my hands, especially in the air and problem solved.

You are getting carpal tunnel my friend.

I thought you get that from playing too much videogames. Not riding?

Also, my right wrist, some ligament/tendon thing hurts around my thumb/wrist area.

The answer is to grip so hard with your legs that you open holes in your pants and tear up your graphics, it will really help your speed. Once I learned to do that it really helped my endurance...

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