El Cordero MX Track

First time riding my dirt bike, a buddy and I went to this mx track in rosarito on thursday. The track was really muddy and worn out from the rain, but the day was awesome, we had the track to ourselves and the owner never came out to charge us so I was pretty happy.

I'm still a total wreck when it comes to riding but I loved every bit of it, I don't think I'll go back to atving any time soon. All in all I had a couple of falls on a steep muddy hill where I didn't get enough momentum and wuzzed out on the throttle :thumbsup: but after a couple a laps everything started flowing. By the end of the day my friend was impressed I was still alive and keeping up on the track.

I think I did good. Anyway tought I'd share a couple pics.







No dust looks awesome!!!

is that the track you can see from the hwy?

The lack of dust was the upside to the mud... and I don't think you can spot this track from the hwy, at least I haven't seen it. You have to drive like 15-20 min down a dirt road to get to the track from the hwy off ramp so I doubt it's visible

is that the track you can see from the hwy?

There have been a couple tracks along Hwy 1. I remember seeing one on the West side of the Hwy just North of Rosarito. There was also a BMX track around there as well. There's also a RC plane field thing in that area too, or there was.

Those green rolling hills are beautiful. Reminds me a little of the Santa Ynez hills.

Yeah, the rains really helped the plants grow, I hadn't seen them that green in a while. Here a couple of pics of them:



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