Replacement reeds - CR250?

Hi I currentky have stock reeds in now and wanted to know what the best replacement petals would be?

"Best" is an opinion.

I am using Boyesen Pro Series in our two 250s.

+1 Boyesen Pro Series I have been using them for a long time!!

I've always ran a vforce reed cage on my CR250's with good results. Do the Boyesen Pro Series reeds make a difference on your stock intake vs. the stock reeds ? What is the difference vs. the stock reeds beside the durability cause there carbon fiber ? Thanks in advance just curious.

"Best" is an opinion because they all work great (Stock, Boyessen, V-Force). I personally run Boyessen because they are the cheapest.

For your curiosity about carbon fiber reeds, they've come and gone as stock equipment since the mid 80's. They're not like some new technology that is drastically going to change the performance or reliability of your bike or something. My friends stock 88 KX 250 has carbon fiber reeds just to give you an idea. And, all of us Honda riders know that Kawasakis blow.

i have vforce reeds on my 01 they work great. also the spacer helps a bit too.

STOCK, all the way bro.

+1 for Boyesen reeds. I am using the Pro series in my 250. They work just fine.

thanks for the info... there are differences though right? stock are single stage and v-force and boyesen are two stage....

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