motor swap


I have a 2003 525 sx with bad crank rod cylender. I was woundering if a 2006 525 xc motor will bolt in my fram? A friend has a motor that I can get for 1000 and have e start and head light any thoughts??

It´s a straight swap. No problemo. Except one : This is a forum for newer models so you´re better off asking questions regarding RFS models in RFS forum...:thumbsup:

thanks for the info

There is one problem, the swingarm pivot bolt is 15mm on your 03, the 06 has a 17mm bolt. Not a huge problem, as you can have a spacer made.

ok thanks, do you know if my carb and exhoust will work?

Your carb will work, you will have to use the exhaust flange from your old engine to use your old exhaust.

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