04 countershaft bearing failed

Riding yesterday, heard a clunk thought a rock bounced into my shifter and caused some gearbox problems. A little oil came out but was still full. Wheel would lock up and then unlock. I got the bike home and washed, started pulling it down to get the motor out and when I pulled the sprocket off, out falls the seal and I'm greeted by a collapsed bearing. On my third ride on the bike :thumbsup:

the chain has most likely been to tight in the past.

yup ....too tight.

It was fine before riding but, you never know whats been done in he past. Motor is out and ready to start working on :thumbsup:

Keep us posted on what you find. I know I ran my chain too tight at first because I didn't know any better. What's the worst that can happen with this kind of failure?

metal in the gearbox, flogged out bearing housing, chipped or broken gear teeth, worst things I can think of before splitting the cases. But this probably took 6 years to happen as the former owner had it since new, the clue I missed in hindsight was the carb drain was so tight I was unable to get a spanner on it after I found it leaking.

good news. Pulled the motor down everything looks good, so I'm up for new gearbox bearings and seals. Going to put in new rings and main bearings, seals plus new gaskets :thumbsup:

total cost of parts AUD$390 by shopping around so not too bad. Worst price about 650 aud for gearbox bearings, mains and seals,piston rings and top and bottom gasket sets.

not too bad. good job getting it worked out.

got bored and couldn't help myself, now in for a high comp piston, lexx exhaust and hot cam :thumbsup:

All done, back together and on the trails for a test run yesterday. It seemed faster by the pant seat. Thanks for all the help I've recieved on this site

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