running costs changing from 250f ?

as the title says im considering trading my 250crf in for a 450 size weight and power etc doesent bother me but im curious of how the running costs would compare ? thanks in advance

the 450's chew tyres a lot quicker, ive had my rear on for about 6 weeks and its just about due for another

tires, chains, sprockets get chewed up a little faster....other than that, i don't think there is a lot of difference.

My son just came from two 250Fs and what I have found is that last year we drove our Machanic crazy. It seemed like every other week something would break on the 250s. Alot of the locals told us that its normal when you start to go fast and let me tell ya, I hated the 250Fs. Now he is on a 450 and its so far so good. We change the oil after every ride and clean the filter after every ride and its been great. The only thing I dont like is that now I need to buy stock in a rubber company because the 450 kills the tires. Other then that I think its the best thing we have done.

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