2008 sm510r- Road appropriate?

Hey all, found a good deal on a leftover 08 sm510r. How does this engine perform at highway speeds? Is it wound out at 60 or will it cruise OK there? Obviously maintenance is key but I just don't want to be continually revving high to stay at highway speeds.


Not wound out at all, the bike will do 100-110mph if you let it. BUT, it is NOT a highway bike, it is a Supermoto race bike with a plate. It wants to be ridden hard and fast, flicking from turn to turn, not cruising on the highway at 60. Let us know a bit more of what you intend to do with the bike and we can help you decide if the 510 is the bike for you. Any mention of highway riding and most people will start to recommend the 610 since it's a lot more tolerant for bike and body on the highway but you trade race track performance for comfort and longer maintenance intervals.

Thanks man, I would mainly be doing backroads and dirtroads. Highway miles would be few and far between so to say.

Found an 08 sm510r with 5 miles on it for blue book value. It was stored outside with a tarp over it for like 2 years. Should I be concerned with anything going bad from it sitting there (tires excluded)? I was thinking like valve seals...

Thanks all!

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