Heat Shield Tape or Material?

Hey Pigsters!

Does anyone know where I can find some heat shielding tape or material for a gas line? I need to insulate it from the exhaust pipe. I went to Lowes and to PEP Boys with no luck so far. Any leads or suggestions? :)

Try an automobile performance or speed shop or perhaps even an off road speciality shop.

Thanks Qadsan, I went to Smokey's Speed Shop in Oceanside. They had it all and job is complete. Speaking of oil... :) I just poured some Delo into my Ford Power Stroke, the BRP and my son's KDX. When I was at Walmart I heard the stockers saying that they were pulling all of the Shell Rotella-T Syn off the shelves! :D I didn't get a chance to ask them why. They were going to keep stocking the regular Shell Rotella-T only. When I showed up at the check out with 4 gallons of Delo, the guy commented that he was surprised that they had that much. That the Delo goes just as fast as they can put it on the shelves! For $6.33 a gallon I feel this is excellent "Bang For The Buck". Thanks Q :D

Hey Rokatt,

I was just at WaldoWorld last week and couldn't find the Rotella SB either, now I know why. I was needing some for my 3000mi road trip to VA. Since my PowerStroke and trailer grossed out at 17K and I knew she'd be working hard pulling the mountains. Ended up going with the 5 gal pail of Rotella T from Sam's Club for $28 ($5.60/gal). I recall on the TheDieselStop that Rotella SB was not genuine synthetic, just highly refined Dino oil to synthetic specs. Think I'll be switching to the Mobil 1 equivalent, Delvac1, when I can find it a desent price. Anyone been running this in their pig? I remember years ago I ran synthetic in my XR600 and the toasted the clutch.

Am I hearing this right? Running diesel oil in an XR650R? I guess it wouldn't hurt, but any synthetic, or synthetic blend should be rated for a 4 stroke motorcycle, or you wind up takeing a good chance at clutch problems.

I guess I'm asking myself....why?

Delvac 1 is an excellent oil and would be one of my favorite picks for a motorcycle oil, but its not easy to find and its also fairly expensive. Delvac 1 in not just a diesel oil. It's a multi-fleet heavy duty motor oil for both gasoline and diesel engines just like Delvac 1300, Shell Rotella T & T-Syn, Chevron Delo 400, etc. Heavy Duty motor oils are not friction modified like conventional automobile oils and they share many of the same important characteristics of motorcycle specific oils such as high temperature & high shear stability, a more robust additive package, the absence of certain friction modifiers, etc. Several oil manufacturers also rate these oils for use in wet clutch motorcycles and it also makes good cost effective sense to me from looking at numerous spectro analysis reports. I've been using heavy duty motor oils in our bikes for a very long time with excellent results (more than 20 years). I feel comfortable with this based on looking at various analysis and have found that some of these heavy duty oils perform better than certain motorcycle branded oils in our bikes in terms of not shearing down or oxidizing as quickly, etc. Changing the oil often enough is the biggest factor from what I've seen due to comtamination (dirt), shear, oxidation, etc.

I don't see the need to pay $16+ a gallon for a motorcycle specific oil when I can buy something that works as good or better than some motorcycle specific oils for ~$6 a gallon, especially when our bikes are only used off road and the oil is changed within 500 miles. I have more than a dozen cars, trucks and just over a half dozen motorcycles, so oil costs start adding up for me. With that in mind, I also make sure I'm using an oil that works well enough for a given application and I prove this to myself through oil analysis.

Hey Q,

I had the opportunity to get a few rides under my belt with the Delo... :D:) Bike shifts just as good if not better than with the Mobil 1 red cap. At around 25% of the cost of Mobil 1...me so happy! :D

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