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Thrills in the Hills in Atlanta, NY

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We kicked off by having our first Adventure Tour this past June. We had good weather and everything went with very few hiccups. The course was marked, the food was good and everyone seemed to have a very good time. Everyone kept asking, how did you find those roads?”

We did a survey at the end, and compiled the answers… so hopefully we are making the changes you’ll want.

This event will be 110 miles + or – of very very rural road. Many of them will be seasonal roads. We are still looking for some “alternative” routes along our roads, but because of the exceptionally wet weather we have had this year that just hasn’t been possible. We have been exploring and trying to pin down landowners etc. to make this possible in the future. I am Sure you can believe establishing “trail” is very very time consuming.

This is an “A” type dual sport event. Knobbies are NOT necessary and the entire course can be negotiated easily on a large displacement adventure tour bike. Myself and two others set up 80% of the roads using our touring bikes (Goldwing and K1200) and returned to finish on large displacement dual sports.

Expect it to be bumpy, expect loose gravel and expect dust. There will be mud puddles but no mud holes, switch backs, or narrow passages. Those that know how to ride a corner slideways will find numerous opportunities to do so.

Everyone will be provided a route sheet and easy to miss turns will be marked with arrows.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? The entire course can be traversed by a Jeep, but unfortunately ATV’s cannot participate. We did not seek approval for ATV passage on these roads. The event is open to any licensed operator operating a licensed and insured vehicle. We will not be doing a document check or vehicle inspection; HOWEVER, the local police agencies might so we wish to make it clear that this is an ON-ROAD event.

You can pre-enter to ride for $20.00.. otherwise $25.00 day of event!

Simply send us this Information:

Your Name ………………. First and last

Your address…………… street, city, state, zip

A phone # for emergency

Your email address

What you’re riding

A check for $20.00

Mail this to:


Box 143

Newark, NY 14513

Put a notation on it Spring 2010 Adventure Tour

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