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First gate drop in many years, I stalled the bike going into the green light. The clutch is very tight when not warmed up all the way. Pop it into 2nd and stalled it. Any suggestion, I am wondering about 40w max, instead of 50w on cooler days? 450sxf 09

50w is more common in hotter days.

40w should be fine.

5W/40 for under 41F and 10W/50 over that. Whats your temp?

Multigrade oil has the viscosity of the base grade when cold and the viscosity of the second grade when hot.

So 10W is your cold oil grade, think of it as W for winter and 50 is the viscosity grade when hot.

right now we are up to 50-70f during the days.

When you put the bike into gear and the motor is on the cool side, the clutch does not want to disengage very well. I suspect this is common? Being I had air in my front break, wondering about the clutch.

Being it's your first gate drop in several years, it could be you. There's no shame dumping it prematurely, we've all been there:ride: Seriously though, I lock my front brake and preload the clutch until I feel the ass end lifting slightly. I do this when the 30 sec board goes sideways.

Oh, I had a lot to do with it. I know better and did try to anticipated this (had new boots on too which did not help). Though, the bike from when it was new, can easily stall popping into gear after a brief warm up. After it gets hot, its not as bad. Being there is a warm cold difference, thinking oil viscosity.

I think all bikes have the sticky clutch phobia when cold, I know all mine do. Something I live with and wouldn't change from the recommended oil to rectify.

Should have the bike fully warmed up before loading up the engine any way.

I start in second or third depending on track surface with high revs before I drop the clutch.

Yea, after that experience I am thinking I need to fully warm up. The few minuets that I was warming it up was not enough. I will make sure this weekend the bike is on the fully warmed up side.

You, start in dose it take a lot of clutch slipping to get it going?

Keep the throttle pinned and its like a tractor. Most of the time with second gear starts the front wheel is sky high so prefer third.

wow.. I would think more wheel spin in 3rd when you get going. 2nd gear start is hard to control, it wants to stand up if you get some traction. You just about have to sit on the handle bars.

When you say pin the throttle, do you mean literally? I assume there some sort of rev limiter. Is that the popping sound you hear when the pros start, or being lean?

More wheel spin in the lower gears. Hitting the rev limiter sounds like its stuttering. Hold it just before that.

seems like havoc on the clutch & motor, no?

These are race motors they love to rev.

I need more practices.....

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