Racing Midway (Kellogg) this Sunday?


Any of you TTr's planning on going for the MX win at Kellogg this Sunday? I'm still on the fence leaning towards not going but I may be persuaded...

Still have to put my bike back together and make some adjustments. Hopefully I can get most of that taken care of tonight.

I'm on the fence as well.

I sent in for my D23 membership and doubt I will get it prior to the race, so they will probably want me to pay $15 or whatever it is for a temporary one and I say screw that...

I'm also on the fence. I haven't been to that track forever (I heard they changed it, adding the "Kong" jump and whatnot). I don't think I'll have enough laps of practice to get the track down.

That's not even the thing putting me on the fence though; no racing at all last year, doing a motocross race sounds pretty intense right now. I can't use this "coming off of injury/surgeries" excuse forever, but for right now, I'm still just a little tentative.

we'll see......

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    • By jj86
      Just wondering how the conditions are down that way.. Is there still snow and ice in the woods and on the trail?  In the past years it seems this is the first trail to clear off, so I usually start there first and work north later in the spring.
    • By over rev
      I don't want to clog up other threads with my ramblings about nothing so maybe I (everyone) could do it here? You could just post what you're up to or projects you're doing etc etc.
      I finally got enough room in the garage to get my bike in. First thing i wanted to do was see what clutch i had and get the oils changed and give it a better once over.