Racing Midway (Kellogg) this Sunday?


Any of you TTr's planning on going for the MX win at Kellogg this Sunday? I'm still on the fence leaning towards not going but I may be persuaded...

Still have to put my bike back together and make some adjustments. Hopefully I can get most of that taken care of tonight.

I'm on the fence as well.

I sent in for my D23 membership and doubt I will get it prior to the race, so they will probably want me to pay $15 or whatever it is for a temporary one and I say screw that...

I'm also on the fence. I haven't been to that track forever (I heard they changed it, adding the "Kong" jump and whatnot). I don't think I'll have enough laps of practice to get the track down.

That's not even the thing putting me on the fence though; no racing at all last year, doing a motocross race sounds pretty intense right now. I can't use this "coming off of injury/surgeries" excuse forever, but for right now, I'm still just a little tentative.

we'll see......

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