Clear Creek Update - San Benito County to Vote Today to Reopen Roads

Big vote and meeting today on the future of Clear Creek

Thanks for your service!

I just read on SBR a few minutes ago that the vote went our way!

The roads should be open as soon as they can get some signs in about 2 weeks.

This is just my opinion, but San Benito County went out on a limb and we need to be respectful and mindful that this does NOT mean we can ride trails at Clear Creek. We're a long way from that scenario coming true...although we are trying...but it does mean that the general public actually has access to county roads again

I can't tell you how relieved I am to hear this. I think this is a very important first step in getting our access back to all of our public lands within the Clear Creek Management Area.


This surprises me. In a good way :thumbsup:

Isn't this the same board that voted to close the roads in '08?

About an hour ago, the San Benito Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to re open all roads previously closed in the CCMA. They also voted unanimously to support Alternative "A" put forth from the BLM stating that things will go back to the way things were before this fiasco. A letter of recommendation will be submitted by the Board of Supervisors to Sam Farr, Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer outlining their support for the same as well as a detailed financial impact report reflecting current and past figures. They will also send a request for an inquiry into the details behind the closure of the CCMA.

My brothers, a great victory has been won today! We have rallied our local government to stand up for our sovereignty in affairs that directly affect us all.

I would like to thank everyone who attended the meeting today. You have made the grade as shown in the form of a unanimous vote. I would also like to thank all of you that emailed your concerns to the Board of Supervisors. The pile of printed emails was no less than 2 inches thick and was presented before the board who will ultimately pass them to the BLM field office in Hollister.

I would like to most sincerely thank the San Benito County Board of Supervisors for showing an instance of true leadership! Thank you and God Save Clear Creek!

Well done! I miss clear creek!

This is great news!!!

We can do this! Thanks to all of you guys who worked hard on this. I wish there was more I could do other than my frantic letter writing campaign and donations to the BRC. We are making a difference! Let's not let up, we can do this!


It's been a long battle for me with almost two years of spying on the blm exposing the lies both inside the Creek and outside the Creek.

It's not over yet, and rick cooper is a sneaky sob as many already know. It felt pretty good standing at the podium on April 6th calling rick cooper a lair to his face.

The entire San Benito BOS also had a vote of "NO Confidence" on copper's behalf for not working with the local government as well as the public. He had his hand slapped wile reaching into the cookie jar but good and well deserved too.

Get Ready.....