Hydraulic Brake Light Switch

FYI. I have had trouble with hydraulic brake switches in the past. I recently just realized my 2007 Buell Firebolt XB12R has a rear hydraulic brake switch. I figured if Buell uses this part on a street bike it must be relaible... I could be wrong though. I headed to my Harley shop and expected the worse for price. To my surprise retail cost was $11. I haven't used it yet but it is at least an alternative to the $20 switches from other online sources. (which seem to fail) I'm not sure where the others are made but this one is made is spain. I hope it works, for $11 it was worth a try, it fits perfect front & rear on my 2006 CRF450X. Note, it does not come with a new crush washer.

I would think they don't make any dirt-specific, or street-specific switches. Any manufacturer would most likely just make them weatherproof (potted with epoxy, etc.) and call it a switch.

Good find on the price. :thumbsup:

The ones (I have 2 on the X) I got from Baja Designs has been through tons of soakings, natural and unnatural, and is still working after nearly 3 years.

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